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Cactus Leather Yachty (Limited Edition)

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Boatmans are lightweight, super comfortable, water resistant, 100% recycled vegan cactus leather boat shoes, made with all fully sustainable materials. These will be the most comfortable shoes you will ever own. We have partnered with DESSERTO, the 2020 Green Product Award winner and creators of the plant-based vegan leather, to create the first 100% recycled boat shoe.

Cactus leather is made from dried cactus leaves and exists as an alternative to traditional leather. It is made from cactus plants called pear cactus, and is a vegan, sustainable substitute to traditional leather. The development of these vegan materials makes it even easier to avoid the use of animal products and find sustainable materials for products.



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Archipelago of Sustainability and Cool Shoes

Designed to repel water, on sea & on land

Our cactus leather is 100% water resistant. It will not soak up any water, it will run right off. If they end up falling off the boat, they float!

If you get marooned on a deserted island, at least you’ll be comfortable

Boatmans are built to last! You’ll get years of unbeat-able comfort with your Boatman Shoes, meaning more time on your feet and less in a landfill. When the day comes to replace your Boatmans, your old pair is partially biodegradable, too!

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